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LUMBERLOK Floor Joist Stiffener
LUMBERLOK Floor Joist Stiffener

The LUMBERLOK Floor Joist Stiffener has been developed for situations where timber joists may have been drilled on-site to accommodate plumbing services. Any holes drilled lessen the strength of timber members and where floor joists are affected, this could result in excess deflection or even failure.

MiTek offers a one-sized LUMBERLOK product which can be fitted either before or after any piping has been installed without interfering with the flooring material on top of the joist or under floor/ceiling below.

The LUMBERLOK Floor Joist Stiffener is fitted at each location to both faces of each joist, (four per hole) and fixed with a choice of standard LUMBERLOK nails or LUMBERLOK screws.

These LUMBERLOK Floor Joist Stiffeners are designed to suit timber joists up to 290mm deep and with a maximum of hole size of 126mm so that a suitable fall can be catered for by pipes having to thread through more than one joist.

Like most other LUMBERLOK products, the LUMBERLOK Floor Joist Stiffener is manufactured from Z275 galvanised material making them suitable for enclosed environments and they are packaged eight per carton, which caters for two joists.

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