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BOWMAC Roof Edge Protection & Working Platform Scaffold System
Over the last twelve months or more, the residential construction industry has been targeted by MBIE (previously known as Department of Labour) with regard to improvements on working at height safety, and specifically the prevention of falling from heights on building sites.
Amongst a number of on-site improvements, many builders are now installing standard approved roof edge protection and scaffold systems to minimise injuries resulting from falls from roofs.
In July 2012, MiTek focused on this subject and over a number of months designed, tested and developed a range of BOWMAC components to comply to best practice guidelines and the two relevant standards AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 and AS/NZS 4994.1:2009.
For the light duty application our system has been designed for, there needs to be a static load compliance of 225kg per bay, plus a dynamic load test (pendulum 60kg weight) to simulate a roofer rolling down the roof slope with the handrail remaining in place to prevent the fall.
The positive results of these tests dictated the ultimate design of our components and use of the chosen material.
This new BOWMAC system is a versatile system that offers a solution for both a working platform scaffold for builders to use around the exterior wall frames of the building up to roof level, plus a perimeter edge protection hand rail system for workers working at roof level.
The system comprises of a combination of scaffold brackets which are fixed to the exterior timber framework of a house during construction with each scaffold bracket located up to 2.4m centres. Specific posts are then fitted into a sprocket at the end of each bracket. Lightweight metal handrails can then be fitted to form a secure safety barrier around the perimeter of the roof edges.
Because the scaffold brackets are cantilevered off the timber wall frames, there are no vertical support posts to restrict access around the building site and ground contour levels are not restrictive.
All components are manufactured from lightweight steel material for durability and performance and light enough to be easily handled and transported around the building site or from job to job.
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