Nailon Fixings
Nailon Plates

0.91mm G300 Z275 Galvanised Steel
1.55mm G300 Z275 Galvanised Steel
3.0mm Black Steel NZCC - SD ungalvanised

LUMBERLOK Nailon is produced as a flat steel plate with prepunched holes to accommodate LUMBERLOK Product Nails 30mm x 3.15mm diameter. Plate sizes
vary in thickness, width and length. Standard products are manufactured using Nailon, as well as a range of special products. Use of Nailon Plate fixings is far
quicker and more economic than alternate methods.
Nailon Plate - Available as a flat plate, cut to required length, in 40mm increments. (min. 80mm length)
Plate thickness
130 or 240mm

Nailon provides a very strong site joint for truss splicing, rafter connections, etc.
3.0mm can also be welded to form timber to steel or concrete connections.
1.0mm Nailon Plate available in Stainless Steel 304.
Detailed product sheet available.