Job Summary™ is MiTek’s quick answer to quote and order creation. Use it to quickly and easily generate ready-to-mail quotes and invoices. And get instant feedback on margins, overhead and profit for any job.
You can choose the way you calculate labor and job costs too. Use one of Job Summary’s many pricing methods, which include Batch Labor, Matrix, or a ratio of material costs. Or tap into MiTek 20/20® Engineering's pricing module. It’s fully integrated into Job Summary.
You can change any field, including the bottom line amount, to immediately update the pricing.
In addition to quoting and invoicing, Job Summary offers powerful management tools for material summaries and “what if” financial analysis.
Job Summary Last Look Screen
Breaks an entire job into meaningful units:lumber and plate costs, labor costs and
percentage, as well as overhead and profit.

 This page last modified on 7/8/2009