Hinge Plates
The Alternative to Piggyback Trusses
MiTek’s hinge plates are the perfect solution for both the component manufacturer and the framer. As a component manufacturer you only have one truss to build and as a framer you only have one truss to set!  The BEHTM and the Peak Performer TM hinge plates work in tandem to rid you of your piggyback problems.
The BEH hinge plate attaches to the top chord, allowing truss sections to fold flat for shipping and handling – while staying completely aligned and in plane.
The Peak Performer hinge plate offers even greater jobsite efficiency.  It folds to match the truss pitch and attaches to both faces of the peak using #10 hanger nails hammered through the pre-punched holes in the plate.  The nail pattern is offset, resulting in a strong and secure connection.  Installation is made easy because you have no loose parts, no extra trusses to build or handle, and no worries about oversized loads on high-pitched trusses.
Design Values
Peak Performer
1,560 lbs.
770 lbs.
1,100 lbs.
770 lbs.
770 lbs.
770 lbs.
Product Specifications
MiTek's BEH and Peak Performer Hinge Plates are fabricated from (2) light gauge metal truss plates stamped from 18 gauge ASTM A653 galvanized steel.
Both overall hinge plate dimensions are 2.25" x 8.375".  The ends of the BEH Hinge plate contain 48 teeth each, while the Peak Performer has 48 teeth in one end and five nail holes in the other.