Metal Web System
The Posi-Strut® metal web floor truss system increases floor truss system performance by providing clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.  
Stamped from 20-gauge steel, the Posi-Strut® is a V-shaped metal web member that has complete interchangeability with 2x10 and 2x12 joists.  While designed for strength and maximum performance, it is very lightweight, allowing for easy handling and installation.  The open web design of the Posi-Strut® eliminates the need for cutting and drilling, so plumbing and electrical services install fast.  The 24” o.c. spacing means there are fewer pieces to handle and the 3 ½” wide nailing surface makes
                                                                   applying floor sheathing easy.
The Posi-Strut® metal web truss system delivers all that you would expect from a quality building component product: precise engineering, outstanding performance, and compliance with major building codes.