The Universal Web Solution

Do you want to simplify your web cutting, truss assembly and optimize your lumber usage?  Then stop wasting money by cutting webs the old fashion way.  Start using the universal web solution...


The Turb-O-Web is a rounded end web that can replace up to 70% of conventional angle cut webs and they deliver equivalent performance.

The Turb-O-Web System is a field proven manufacturing system that saves hours of cutting and assembly time, which can greatly reduce costs.  It consists of the Turb-O-Web rounded webs, MiTek 20/20 “Perfect Vision” ® design software and the MiTek ElipSaw®.

With the Turb-O-Web rounded webs you can mass produce up to 70% of your webs and store them until you are ready to use them.  Typical stock webs vary in length from 18” up to 12”. The rounded end webs give you greater flexibility when assembling the roof truss on your table.  By producing the webs in advance it will help you improve material flow and reduce assembly time.

Designing trusses with the Turb-O-Web is only a click away.  Once you become a licensed user of the Turb-O-Web system the design module in MiTek 20/20 “Perfect Vision” ® is enabled giving you access to Auto Optimization, which provides for the use of stock webs.

The redesigned ElipSaw for cutting of Turb-O-Webs produces the webs quickly and efficiently.   It is the high-speed optimized saw for cutting of Turb-O-Webs.

 Turb-O-Webs are a fully tested alternative to conventional truss webs.  Design procedures for both lumber design and plate connections are in full compliance with ANSI/TPI 1-2002 “National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction.


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