Hercules Auto-Feeder
The Hercules auto-feeder is an industrial-strength conveyor that automatically feeds your other equipment to allow for efficient material handling and work flow. An extreme duty SM-Cyclo gearbox is standard equipment on every Hercules auto-feeder.  This in-line cycloidal drive system is ultra efficient (98%-99%). This method of gear reduction transmits 40% to 50% more drive torque than a standard worm right angle box.  All motors are dual voltage 230/460 VAC, 3-phase.

A photo-eye automatically indexes the conveyor to transport lumber and building material to its destination, preventing the sawyers and assemblers from wasting valuable time waiting on material handlers. When manual operation is desired, the control panel allows the operator complete control.  Switches are provided to turn on/off the auto-feeding photo-eye and remote controls.

View a video of the Hercules' superior feeding capabilities.
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