Power Squaring/AutoNailing
The final, very critical operation to fully assemble exterior wall components is the actual application of sheathing material to framed wall sections. MiTek Wall Panel Division, consistent with their emphasis on maintaining material flow for consistent, impressive production throughput, designs the PowerSquaring/AutoNailing production component on the design basis of a conveyor. Interruptions to forward motion are kept to an absolute minimum. Design features enable wall sections to be squared to close, consistent tolerances automatically and "on the fly". Squaring stops are activated quickly and precisely to adjust the wall assembly into squareness as the conveyor chains move the assembly forward. Sheathing is applied, as required, as the wall maintains forward movement at rates at as little as 3 ft./min. Production personnel maintain their positions at their stations as wall sections advance.



The overall design of the conveyor provides enough length so more than one wall section can be in process. The nailing bridge is equipped with fastening guns that accomplish their mission as the wall segment, with sheathing tacked, advances under and passes the bridge assembly. This design compares to more traditional design concepts that stop critical forward movements of wall assemblies and utilize nailing bridge methods that move the nailing assembly across the stationary wall section to accomplish their work. This significant difference in system operation impacts the volume of finished product significantly. Additionally, when compared to the MiTek Wall Panel Division design, the mechanical complexity of maintaining accurate movements of a complex assembly, such as the moving nailing bridge and its critical components, the stationary design is better because it is simpler in application. More productive, and simpler in operation are design concepts critically important to the growing success of this production system. For more information, contact: gpritchett@mii.com


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