The SmartCrane is a free-standing, overhead bridge crane type machine designed to safely and automatically stack finished wall panels. The process of manually stacking wall panels is typically slow, labor-intensive, and dangerous to personnel. This machine is designed to handle all types of wall panels: interior and exterior, wood, and steel. This SmartCrane ensures that your production lines will never stand by idle, waiting for stacking to catch up.

The impact of poor material flow adversely effects production throughput regardless where the bottleneck exists in that process. In wall component manufacturing, stacking wall components manually presents such problems. The SmartCrane stacks layers of components, as defined by design software, automatically. One individual can supervise stacking operations of either interior or exterior components to a production level of 2400 linear feet per shift. The activity of stacking wall panels is possibly the most obvious example of a potential for workman's injuries associated with panel manufacturing.  Stacking and organizing layers of product often involves numerous people and significant manual manipulation. Sections of exterior sheathed walls can weigh in excess of 500lbs and are very awkward to handle. At elevated levels of production, this activity, if primarily manual in nature, creates significant workman's health risks to management, and usually creates a bottleneck, dampening output. For more information, contact:


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