Auto Stair Router
MiTek Wall Panel Division continues to develop machinery solutions to address opportunities specific to the wood component industry. Client input helps us better understand where profitable manufacturing applications exist, or where current manufacturing methods create concerns regarding their productivity. Manufacturing stair stringers is one of those applications. Offering manufactured stair stringers, as a more complete pre-engineered component package, creates a significant profit center opportunity. This machine takes advantage of automation technology available today to accomplish a precise, repetitive, activity that has been historically limited to the energy of skilled people with templates.



The MiTek Wall Panel Division Auto Stair Router is a tool using CAM software packages to direct a bridge-mounted router for X & Y direction movements. The typical stair manufacturing application creates a twin set of stringers from a single piece of engineered wood stock. The machine has a 4' X 20' operating envelope to accomodate a wide variety of other applications, such as repetitive arch assembly components, which can be described as simply as stair designs. The standard router provided is 3-1/4-hp and is rated to cut wood material from 1/4" to 3-1/2" thick. Your operator will fixture/set-up wood material similar to activities commonly associated with metal machine tools, activate the specific machining routine, and monitor the precise movements of the router. The repeatability of this machine is impressive even at tool travel speeds of up to 500'/min. For more information, contact:


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