Engineered Services

The MiTek Wall Panel Division develops manufacturing solutions, custom applied, to best address the needs and opportunities of a growing number of applications developing in the building component industry.

The MiTek Wall Panel Division  provides a range of services from complete plant layout and manufacturing/material flow design, to simple, specific recommendations for altered material handling techniques. The engineering emphasis common to each machine or system development builds on MiTek Wall Panel Division's growing expertise in material flow.

Given the reality that no two production facilities are identical in layout or production expectation, each interaction between MiTek Wall Panel Division and it's growing client base will potentially yield dynamic new results. Combine the incentive of its clients, who contend at the point of attack in their particular marketplace, and seek creative solutions for improved production throughput, optimized labor costs, and reduced exposure to work-related injuries more common to manual movements of material, with MiTek Wall Panel Divsion assistance in defining viable manufacturing/material handling options, and the results can be impressive.

Dollar for dollar, there are no better investments, as defined by return on investment, than money spent for improved production through improved material flow. Contact us for our assistance.

Current installations include:

1) Engineererd wood components: roof trusses, floor panels, pre-cut job packages, wall panels

2) Steel components

3) Secondary wood products


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