Automatic Plate Feeder System
The APFS (Automatic Plate Feeder System) has the capacity to handle 7x9 railway crossties in lengths of 8'-0", 8'-6" and 9'-0". With an approximate 6-second cycle time and a 4-second bypass time, the APFS can keep up with any end plating machine in the industry. The plate hopper can hold up to 50 of the MiTek RRTM end plates. The APFS process begins when a single plate is dropped from each hopper simultaneously and is held in position magnetically on each platen.  A tie is then positioned at the automatic plate feeder stops by the infeed conveyor. The two opposing cylinders fire and tack the plates into the end of the tie. The tie is them moved by conveyor on to the HammRRTM press system.


The easy loading hoppers on the APFS have a maximum capacity of 50 plates and are loaded from above.  Two hoppers are provided for quick changing between 5"x6" and 6"x7" plates.  The anti-bounce device can prevent the plates from bouncing when they hit the platen, ensuring that the plates are tacked in the same position every time.

The APFS is a must for any end plate tie operation.  It can add both speed and effeciency to your operation.




 This page last modified on 9/5/2006