End Plating Press for RailRoad Ties
MiTek's HammRR end plating press is a fully automated end plating press that can save on labor costs and increase profitability. Combined with our APFS, Automatic Plate Feeder System, the HammRR end plating press becomes a champion of speed and flexibility.   Devoloped over the years with assistance from tie platers, the combination of the HammRR end plating press and the APFS can give you the advantage in the end tie plating business.
The HammRR press can operate in three different modes. Clamp and Press Mode tacks a plate on a tie and then squeezes it horizontally and vertically. The plate is then fully pressed into the ties. Choose Press Only if you wish to tack and press a plate into the tie without squeezing it. The Conveyor Only Mode allows ties to continuously run through the system without plates being tacked or pressed.

The HammRR press can handle both 6x8 and 7x9 ties in lengths of 8', 8'6", and 9' with a tolerance of 2" on the length of the tie.  Once the tie is in position in the press, it is squeezed to remove any checks out of the end of the tie. Then, the system embeds the previously tacked plate at both ends of the tie.  The press has a cycle time of 6 seconds for squeeze and press and 5 seconds for press only. The HammRR press has the option of being combined with the APFS and an infeed and outfeed conveyor to create a truly automated and efficient system.





 This page last modified on 9/5/2006