MiTek WorkFlow document control software streamlines the engineering review and seal process, eliminating bottlenecks between truss technicians and engineers.

Remote designers can now send truss engineering packages electronically to in-house engineers for preparation and sealing of final designs. Alterations made by the engineer in the final designs are noted in a contrasting color. When the job is complete, seals are applied electronically, only by the sealing P.E.

Toss the file cabinets! This truly paperless module routes the electronic truss designs to one (or more) stations, then files them electronically in a digitally secure Adobe® Acrobat™ (PDF) format for easy access anytime.

Repair Drawing Changes to engineering or repairs are noted in contrasting color for the
benefit of the approving engineer, and returned electronically.

 This page last modified on 7/8/2009