STTTM Tables Specifications

Physical Data

  • Dimensions of 1 table: Length: 14'; Width: 6' 10",  Height: 30-7/8" to 34-1/8"
  • Table height adjustment: 3-1/4"
  • Dimensions of system (w/11 tables and parking stands): Length: 106' 2" (with RoofTrackerTM gantry head) 
  • Weight of 1 table (with ejectors): Approx. 5,100 lb for 3/4" table top, 4,300 lb for 1/2" table top
  • Ejection system: Side-eject, auto-eject, end-eject, or high-slope auto-eject 
  • Tables can be added to any MiTek® table line
  • Tables available with industry standard 1/2"-thick table top or MiTek standard 3/4"-thick table top
  • MatchPointTM-ready tables available
  • Walk-ThroughTM aisles or continuous-top systems available
Features & Benefits
  • Heavy-duty construction  
  • Easy-to-move aisle pads for flexible plate placement
  • TeksetTM jigging can be used in any table slot for quick and accurate setups
  • Virtek® Trussline® laser projection system available for even faster setups   
  • Minimum of 5 jigging slots per table
Machine specifications subject to change without notice. 

 This page last modified on 10/15/2007