MiTek Current Release Software
MiTek is committed to delivering software in short iteration cycles which provide the best 
means to deliver new features quickly, while maintaining the highest software quality.
                               This page contains the latest MiTek software versions available,
along with the release dates of each program. 
MiTek Software Suite
Version 7.2.5
Dated: September 15, 2010

        The MiTek Standard Suite of Component Design Software Contains the following:
1) MiTek Engineering - Version 7.2.5 - Dated: 09/15/10
2) SAPPHIRE Structure - Version - Dated: 09/15/10
3) MiTek eFrame Desktop - Version 2.29.2 - Dated: 11/24/09
4) MiTek Job Summary - Version 7.2.5 - Dated: 09/15/10
5) MiTek CyberSort - Build 7240 Dated: 06/04/10
6) MiTek JigSet - Version 7.2.3 Dated: 02/08/10
7) MiTek Link (Communications Software) - Browser based
Note: All software is now shipped on DVD Media, a DVD ROM Drive is
  required for installation.  
Release Notes for MiTek Engineering, MBA, and CyberSort
Release Notes for SAPPHIRE Structure

MiTek eFrame Desktop
Version 2.29.2
Dated: 11/24/09
MiTek eFrame Desktop is an optional application for wall panel manufacturers. An integral part of the MiTek eFrame Desktop for Truss Layouts, standard with the MiTek 20/20 Suite, makes this the logical choice for truss manufacturers who build walls or work closely with a wall panel manufacturer, as the files are totally interchangable.
MiTek Business Application (MBA-100)
Version 7.2.5
Dated: 09/15/10
MiTek Business Application is an optional suite of applications available to all MiTek customers to help them manage their business.
 Additional Modules:
MBA-200 - Graphical Scheduler
MBA-400 - Inventory Control   
MBA-500 - Tract Manager
MiTek Virtual Plant (MVP)
Version 2.26.15
Dated: 5/17/2010
MiTek Virtual Plant is an optional application that focuses on the truss manufacturing process. Coupled with links to automated manufacturing equipment, MVP has become a powerful tool to manage your manufacturing process by combining the efficiency of workflow technology, (which will dramatically reduce your paper usage), with automatic time tracking tools which allows you to instantly see your actual labor cost on a job by job, truss by truss basis. 
MiTek Virtual Plant is a browser based application, which means that the mission critical data, or transactions, reside on the server and not on each computer on the plant floor. This provides data integrity as well as eliminating the need for expensive computers in the plant, as the only software required on the plant floor is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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