The Hardy Frame
What is the Hardy Frame?

The Hardy Frame is a fully engineered and tested light-gauge steel frame designed to resist earthquakes and wind loads. It replaces the need for plywood in shear walls in both wood and steel-framed construction.


  • Light weight, high tensile galvanized steel, 98 to 160 pounds each
  • Shear strengths of 2,000 to 7,400 pounds, based on structural calculations.
  • Dynamically tested to over 2½ times allowable loads.
  • Standard 8', 9', and 10' nominal heights correspond to stud length
    (special sizes upon request).
  • Widths of 18", 32", 48", 64" and 80"
  • 3½" depth to fit within 4" framing!
  • Templates for all sizes to assure anchor bolt alignment.
  • Bolts to footings, screws to framing.

Patent No. P-5020
ICBO Report No. PFC-5342

Why the Hardy Frame?

Earthquakes and hurricanes wreak havoc on wood frame structures costing billions, not to mention loss of life. To offset the loads generated by these phenomena, the construction industry currently uses plywood shear walls with rigorous nailing schedules and costly hardware installation, coupled with expensive and inconvenient inspections. An efficient alternative to site-built plywood shear walls is the simple, effective, all-steel Hardy Frame.

Hardy Frame Advantages

  • Provides shear value for narrow wall sections where 2:1 plywood ratio can not be met.
  • Provides faster installation, greater design flexibility and more strength than plywood.
  • Eliminates plywood, hold downs and posts, studs within the frame, nailing schedules, special blocking and need for 3x plates.
  • Reduces inspection and waiting time.
  • Permits easy drywall, lathing and electrical installation.
  • Lowers overall cost!
  • One 848 Hardy Frame replaces four 1/2" sheets of plywood with nailing 4" on center per L.A. City Code.

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