There is NO Steel Truss System that is easier to Design, Cut, Fabricate and Ship!
Recently, in a timed comparison in Australia, the Ultra-Span Light Gauge Steel Truss  System was priced 20% lower for like material, took 33% less time to cut, and 36% less time to fabricate than it’s closest light gauge steel competitor.  Using crews with no experience on either system, the MiTek Ultra-Span truss system clearly outperformed the competition in every category from cutting to shipping.
The clearest advantage was the unique member profile shape that MiTek has developed.  Purposely designed with less steel per metre than any other system, the Ultra-Span truss shape is fabricated with only three components (chords,webs and single size connector).  This simple engineering system allows the fabricator to utilize the MiTek 20/20 software suite to lay out, engineer, cut and estimate every type of truss from simple common truss shapes to complicated long clear span trusses.
In the shop the Ultra -Span truss system allows for one-sided fabrication (no flipping of the truss) and the connections are made with an inexpensive #10x16 self-drilling galvanized hex head screw.  Our customers are able to buy these screws from MiTek or a quality supplier in their area.  No special, expensive, or difficult to apply connection devices are necessary to fabricate the Ultra-Span Truss system.
As per the design the Ultra-Span truss system shape sits flat in the jigging fixture with all of the connection surfaces easily accessible and flush for a quality screwed connection every time. The system also features same gauge connectors for faster screw throughput, same gauge top and bottom chord designs to minimize cutting and handling, and a true truss shape every time including scissor trusses and tray ceiling with no job site modifications.
The Mitek Ultra-Span Light Gauge Truss System for non-combustible roof framing of any type.