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Engineering (you must be registered to download S/W Updates)
CA63_SP6.exe9.98 MBDownload
Version: CAN v6.3
Type: exe
Date: 18/07/2008
Service Pack 6 for TPIC-2007 Quality Control
CA706SP1EngOnly-091008.exe10.50 MBDownload
Version: CANv7.06
Type: exe
Date: 08/10/2009
Service Pack 1 for Canadian v7.06 Engineering
CA722SP1-100317.exe10.55 MBDownload
Version: CA v7.22
Type: exe
Date: 17/03/2010
Service Pack 1 for Canadian v7.22
Guide d'Installation CA6.3 SP6.pdf1.69 MBDownload
Type: pdf
Date: 06/08/2008
Guide d'Installation CA6.3 SP6
Installation Instructions CA6.3 SP6.pdf1.84 MBDownload
Type: pdf
Date: 06/08/2008
Installation instruction for Service Pack 6
version 6.3 SP6 release note .pdf350.52 KBDownload
Type: pdf
Date: 11/06/2009
Robbins Online Plus (you must be registered to download S/W Updates)
bois_vert_BT.pdf202.74 KBDownload
Type: pdf
Bulletin technique - paramètres pour bois vert
climaticdata.txt96.64 KBDownload
Type: txt
Snow load database to save in robbins\usa_ref folder

Base de données des charges de neige, à sauvegarder dans le répertoire robbins\usa_ref
green_Lumber_TB.pdf202.65 KBDownload
Type: pdf
technical Bulletin -
Settings for green lumber
Note_de_Version_Robbins_v27.0.pdf632.88 KBDownload
Type: pdf
Online_Plus_v27.0_CD.zip243.06 MBDownload
Version: v27
Type: zip
Robbins OnLine Plus v27
Important Note:
During the installation if you are prompted to select Modify, Repair or Cancel, select REPAIR.
Release_Notes_Robbins_V27.0.pdf100.70 KBDownload
Version: v27
Type: pdf
Version 27 Release Notes
Posi-Plus software (you must be registered to download S/W Updates)
PosiPlusFullSetup6.0.1083.exe43.34 MBDownload
Version: 6.0.1083
Type: exe
New Posi-Plus software -
Download info page for installation instruction

nouvelle version logiciel Posi-Plus - Téléchargez page info pour information d'installation
 More Information
Miscellaneous (you must be registered to download S/W Updates)
SnowDrift_2010.exe5.66 MBDownload
Version: 2010
Type: exe
New version of SnowDrift -
Download PDF file for installation and activation instruction

Nouvelle version de SnowDrift -
Téléchargez le fichier PDF pour les instructions d'installation et d'activation
SnowDrift_2010_Installation_En.pdf83.37 KBDownload
Type: pdf
English instruction and activation code
SnowDrift_2010_Installation_Fr.pdf86.96 KBDownload
Type: pdf
Instruction en français et code d'activation

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