All You Ever Wanted to Know About MiTek Australia Ltd.
...but never had the opportunity to ask
If you live in a house built or renovated since 1960, chances are that you're enjoying the benefits of MiTek's products and engineering.
That's because it was in the 60's that the Gang-Nail connector plate revolutionised house construction by introducing prefabricated timber roof trusses using multi-tooth connectors.  These connectors - small steel plates with integral 'teeth' on one side - made it possible to efficiently prefabricate timber roof trusses for the first time.
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In the mid 1990's Posi-STRUT floor systems were added, as were a whole range of building products to connect timber in virtually any building application.
In May 2002, MiTek developed the revolutionary MATRIX system which combined the strength of steel with the versatility of timber to create a roof truss that is 10% to 15% lighter than conventional timber trusses. MATRIX is the next generation in prefabrication.
As architects, builders and project managers began to recognise the benefits of prefabricated timber trusses, their use spread to larger projects as a viable alternative to traditional steel structures, and today they are used not only in housing but also in industrial, commercial and multi-residential construction.
The introduction of this technology has made building a lot quicker, saving labour costs and getting projects to completion within ever tighter construction schedules - critical in an industry where speed and reliabilty are paramount.
And it's made trusses and frames a lot more accurate, because they're manufactured in the factory to precise design specifications, using sophisticated computer technology.
MiTek Australia does not actually manufacture trusses -  we leave that to our licensed fabricators, who are experts in the field. Instead, we concentrate on making sure that our fabricators have the very best technology and systems to enable them to manufacture roof and floor trusses along with frames, efficiently and accurately, and still maintaining high standards of quality and service.
And we can promise this type of backup because were not only commited to quality assurance and customer service here, but all round the world, as part of the international MiTek group. MiTek and it's affiliates are the world's leaders in supplying connector plates, engineering software and relative services to the global building industry.
That's why the name "Gang-Nail" has become synonymous with quality building systems, software and prefabricated timber trusses. So much so that the company was the first connector plate company in Australia to receive certification under international quality standards to ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 certification covers the design, manufacture and supply of a range of structural connectors and other fasteners for prefabricated timber trusses and wall frames for the building industry; the design and supply of computer software for fabricator design, estimating and production planning; a design service for timber structures; and the supply of truss plant machinery.
And we haven't stopped there. It's just the latest step in a program of continuous improvement which started in 1991 and is continuing into the future.
So when you deal with MiTek licensed fabricators, you can be sure you're getting the best advice, resources, manufacturing facilities and product quality that you'll find anywhere in the industry.
And that's basically all you need to know about MiTek, except that you can reach us on the World Wide Web any time at this address - why not drop us an email now and let us know how MiTek Australia Ltd or our network of licensed fabricators can help?