Roller Press
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Roller Press 4.5m 
The roller press is currently one of MiTek's most widely used pressing systems. The roller press  is extremely adaptable and can cater for several trussplant layout options and various methods of material handling.
The layout of the factory as well as the different ways the feed rollers can be combined, allows for easy modification. This allows for growth and increased output, as and when required, making it the most economical pressing system.
Main Supply              - 380 volts
Control voltage        - 110v/ac
Roller span               - 4.5m
Adjustable roller       - from 20mm  - 70mm
forward , reverse control
Roller speed              - 14  -16 m/min
Weight                      -  2700kg 
  The roller press is easy to maintain, with 2
  rollers 400mm in diameter, a wall thickness 
  of 16mm and a solid 75mm shaft  through  
  the roller. The only servicing required is the
  greasing of the rollers bearings.
  Chain alignment and tension to be checked 
  once a week.
  The rollers and all other moving components
  are equip with safety guards.
  Safety bars activate limit switches to ensure
  operator safety.