Mark 8, Hydraulic Press
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The Mark 8 Press head is operated by a hydraulic system developing a maximum pressing force of 25 tons. The press head is moved from the pedestal by a hydraulically driven trolley suspended from an overhead mounted I-Beam.
The trolley and pressing cycles are electrically activated by push buttons mounted in the pistol type hand grip mountd on the press head.
The Mono-Press track pedestals are adjustable along the track by releasing the clamps and pushing the pedestals into the correct position and clamping.
The magnetic pedestals are released from the steel deck by switching off the electrical supply current at each individual pedestal. 
Capable of setting up a variety of truss configurations
  • Truss span and apex height
    • Truss span    - 24m
    • Apex height   - 4.5m
  • 13 Pedestals per jig set-up
  • Maximum timber width
  • 225mm top and bottom chord
    • Easy set Hardware
    • Peak Clamps
    • Heel Clamps
    • Splice Clamps
    • Spring Nuts