Matthews Inker
Labels Members Immediately After Cutting

The Matthews Inker is one of the most valuable additions available for your Cyber® saw or Cyber A/T saw. Do you ever lose valuable production time trying to determine the specifications on a batch of lumber that has already been cut? The Inker can print specifications of your choice on the lumber as it exits the saw.

Choose any 4 of the 15 available data fields. Some of the most popular fields include: count, quantity, length, member, and truss name. The Inker can print up to 4 lines of 8 characters each, and two different font sizes are available. The drop-on-demand technology and self-flushing features allow this Inker to require less maintenance and offer more reliability that other available inking systems.


301 Fountain Lakes Industrial Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301 
(314) 298-8088
(800) 523-3380


 This page last modified on 11/7/2006