Now Offering More Options Than Ever
It's easier than ever to order and use MiTek® connector plates. Now when you order the plates you'll get uniform packaging - in terms of box and pallet quantity - no matter which facility ships your order. Our 20 gauge plates com in easy to handle Banded-Pack® boxes, or bulk packaging. 16, 18, and 20 gauge high strength plates will ship in boxes. It's that simple.
Uniform packaging is a win-win for both you and MiTek. What you get is consistent, predictable packaging and the convenience of nationwide distribution from all stamping operations no matter what you order - anytime, anywhere. For MiTek, the way we package and ship connector plates is simpler and standardized across the company. Other benefits include reduced inventory space, reduced waste, and standardized pallet weights for the banded plates (2,800 to 3,000 lbs.). They're the same, dependable plates you've always counted on to meet all of your design and fabrication needs. Our goal is to always be the most responseive conector plate supplier in the industry. Standardizing our packaging enables us to serve you more efficiently.

Our unique banded pack have 10 sets of 2 nested plates for a total of 20 plates per banded pack. Some of the banded packs have color coded bands that indicate the gauge of plate. Banded plates mean quicker pick time which reduces set-up time on your tables. Banding plates in convenient stacks of 20 greatly increases productibvity. Counting individual plates during picking is eliminated!


Our bulk packaging is the way to go for large quantity packagin of the plates you use the most. Combined with our unique storage bin, you are assured of having the plates you use the most on hand and in stock. 



Along with the banded packs, MiTek also offers connector plates that are packaged in tumble packs. This packaging allows for smaller boxes whcich can be stored near or under the table.

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