Log Home Construction


WoodEngine® provides a module for wood assembly through stacking which makes it possible to conceive, calculate and draw any type of log cabin/chalet with the following features:

  • No limitation in the profile of the beams. 
  • Parametrisation and library storage of all beam sections and assemblies they can be used with. (log cabins, individual joint types etc.)
  •  Recognition of the walls and interfaces between them and automatic application of the suitable assemblies.
  • Dynamic placement of opening , doors, windows in the walls.
  • Free form contouring of the walls which can apply to an arbitrary form regardless of its complexity.
  • Editing of various machining requirements on the walls (cuts, boring, pockets...)
  • Automatic printing of drawings and productions lists which can be parameterized.
  • Export of components to numerically controlled fabrication systems (saws etc.) and optimization of manufacturing.

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