The Mark 8 Mono Press
Cut Labour with Fast Walk- Through & Flexible Setup …Boost Quality.
Get maximum labour effectiveness from the Mark-8 and its unique system of all-magnetic pedestals. Separate pedestals enable easy walk-through loading and unloading of trusses. Each pedestal moves freely and easily with ball-casters and locks tightly with magnets on a steel deck. The result is fast truss setup. Even the overhead pressing unit is designed with an adjustable counterbalance to reduce operator fatigue. The Mark-8 is a miser with floor space compared to other truss fabrication equipment.
Mark 8 Press
The Mark-8 gives you full flexibility and quality. It’s the equipment for both complicated short runs and high production long runs. Because magnetic pedestals can be located anywhere on the steel deck, “oddball” truss configurations are set up and pressed quickly and easily. And the pedestal system can grow as your business grows. Positive lumber clamps assure tight fitting truss joints and maintain an exact outside dimension of the truss. Consequently, superior truss appearance and handling characteristics award the truss manufacturer with a reputation for quality products.
The Mark-8 uses 25 tons of hydraulic pressure to produce trusses built with up to 2´8 lumber. For heavier applications, the Mark-10 is also available. It uses 37½ tons of hydraulic pressure and is used predominantly for long-span, light commercial and agricultural trusses.
The Mark-8 and Mark-10…the labour-saver truss equipment that can keep up with the increasingly complex truss industry