Design Concepts
A two-day course for the more experienced Truss Designer who is currently using the MiTek suite of software.  The course, presented by members of our design team, will concentrate on some of the broader issues affecting the design of trussed rafters within today’s more complex roofing situations, and also how to implement the various engineering code and loading requirements.
(It would be advantageous to bring your own copies of BS5268 Pt 2 &3 and BS6399 Pt 1, 2&3)
Course Agenda
  • Design Responsibilities
    • Project steps
    • Who is responsible for what
    • Exchange of information
  • Design Considerations
  • Engineering Considerations
    • Design compliance – codes of practice
    • Design principles
    • Design rules
    • Manual method
    • Attics and raised ties
  • Understanding Terminology / Calculations
  • Site Considerations
    • Bracing
    • Ancillary items
    • Remedial details
  • Question and answer session