Peak-up Stacker

Peak-Up Stacker


Streamlines Post-Fabrication Material Handling

The Peak-Up Stacker is an excellent product for streamlining post-fabrication material handling flow and reducing manual material handling, which often results in product damage or injury to employees. Increasing insurance premiums and cost related to lost-time injuries are important reasons to consider this product.

Versatile and Efficient

The stacker will efficiently stack 30 trusses up to 60'0" in length. It has a cycle time of 40 seconds. A system that has two integrated stackers can stack 30 trusses up to 90'0" in length. The integrated two-stacker system is designed to provide a single stacking station for trusses over 60'0" or two independent stacking stations for smaller trusses. This heavy-duty stacker is available in 900- and 1200-pound capacities.

*Standard bridge target.
*Optional powered pop-up target for integrated systems.
*Four receiver stands and stacking arms per stacker.
*Heavy-duty drive system with protective guarding.
*Heavy-duty main stacking beam that connects all stacking arms.


*Saves labor and helps reduce injuries associated with heavy lifting.
*Improves use of valuable in-plant space when positioned outdoors.
*Easily stacks any truss 16 feet to 60 feet in length and 14 feet in height.
*Will accommodate trusses up to 80 feet in length.

Typical Production Volumes

The MiTek 900/1200 Peak-Up Stacker can be expected to meet these production standards:

* Standard capacity is 30 trusses.

*Average stacking cycle time of 40 seconds.