Product Feed Lumber Conveyor

Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor

Improves Cut-Board Production

The MiTek Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor helps eliminate slowdowns and bottleneck situations in the component cutting process. The organized flow of material directly into the saw will significantly improve cut-board production. If the lumber is pre-picked, the Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor can increase cut-board production by up to 50 percent.

Built To Last

This multiple strand unit has an operating capacity of 15,000 pounds and is built to withstand the most rugged truss plant environments. A 35,000 pound capacity model is also available.

*Multiple strand chain infeed conveyor.
*Adjustable leveling feet eliminate the need for shim materials.
*15,000 pound and 4- to 20-foot board length capacity.
*35,000 pound capacity also available in 20' and 40' lengths.
*Bearing guards at the forklift end of conveyor prevent forks from damaging the bearings.
*Ultra-high molecular weight plastic (UHMW) wear strip between chain and strand virtually eleminates the need to replace the chain.
*Fits through standard 20-inch door openings.
*Can be uniquely customized to individual specifications.
*Moves forward and backward; has adjustable height.
*Clutch mechanism between motor and gearbox cushions start-up shock to the system and promotes extended life of the gearbox and motor.
*Travels 25 feet per minute.
*Special widths available to match existing saws.
*Provides a constant supply of lumber to the sawyer.
*Creates a supply buffer between forklift operator and sawyer.


*Decreases saw idle time.
*Supplies lumber directly to sawyer's fingertips on demand.
*Allows sawyer to focus entirely on production and set-up, which limits saw downtime.
*Permits conveyor to be set above the height of the saw; enables operator to capitalize on gravity when feeding lumber.
*Creates a supply buffer between the sawyer and forklift operation, allowing both to work at their own pace.
*Eliminates bottleneck situations.
*Increases cut board productivity up to 50 percent during an 8-hour shift.