Material Handling

Material Handling

Increase Productivity

The MiTek Material Handling System is much like the Ready Feed Lumber Conveyor in that it eliminates bottle-neck situations that occur during the cutting process. This sytem is based on the theory of stocking all required inventory at the saw, a practice that increases cut board productivity and reduces forklift requirements for the staging process.

*Lumber can be loaded by a single worker at beginning of shift for either a half or a full day of cutting production.
*Lumber to be cut is conveniently at the sawyer's fingertips.
*Heavy-duty roller for easy movement of lumber.
*Welded tubular steel construction.
*Transfer station can be powered for faster and easier operation.
*Requires minimum space for maximum results.
*System is expandable at any time.
*Rollers can be powered to fully motorize the system.


*Greatly reduces time required for arrival or removal of lumber from the saw.
*Infeed system is adaptable to any plant situation.
*Increases cutting productivity up to 20 percent.
*Replaces one man and a forkllift.
*Eliminates wasted time due to unnecessary waiting and costly mistakes.
*Increases productivity of sawyer, which also increases production of cutting process.
*Enables lumber to be moved easily.
*Requires minimum space for maximum results.
*Eliminates the need to buy another saw.
*Prevents cutting the wrong lumber lengths and grades; eliminates waste.
*Can be used indoors or out.