MiTek Cyber Saw
MiTek’s CYBER Saw builds on over 30 years of achievement in the component cutting industry. By combining all the best attributes of earlier saws with new standard features, including state-of-the-art electronics and the latest computer technology, CYBER Saw is truly the ultimate in component cutters!
The CYBER Saw delivers the fastest set-up of any component cutter in the industry. Using CYBER’s advanced computer technology your sawyer can easily download set-up data from your design software, eliminating costly input errors. And with the Variable Speed Saw Angulation Control you’ll be ready to cut even faster, since the blades angulate at a higher speed.
Cyber Saw
Cyber Saw
Calibration is fast too! The CYBER Saw can be calibrated in less than 2 minutes. CYBER’s Auto-Calibration feature constantly monitors and maintains calibration for maximum production and cutting precision, while the double chains on the quadrant angulation castings work to hold calibration longer.
When it comes to fast troubleshooting and minimal downtime, CYBER’s Built-in Diagnostic and Maintenance Screens deliver! The troubleshooting screens identify exactly where a problem has occurred and precisely where to fix it. Should you need further assistance, CYBER Saw can be linked with MiTek via phone lines for direct field analysis. And since saw operations are constantly monitored, you’ll stay on top of scheduled maintenance needs, as well.
All these performance enhancing standard features along with rugged, durable construction make the CYBER Saw the most advanced, yet easy to operate, component saw available. Heavy-duty infeeds, lumber stop, and hold downs, along with UL listed electrical components, assure you of the highest quality and performance.
After all, that’s MiTek’s commitment… to offer superior products and services while continuing to explore new technologies, bringing innovative solutions to the truss fabricating industry.