Cyber Saw Benefits
  • Fully Automatic Control allows set-up data to be downloaded directly from your engineering or batch cut programme
  • Accurate Set-up and Cutting eliminates mis-cut boards, keeping production moving smoothly
  • Anti-Collision Programme prevents collision of moving parts for increased saw life and safe operation
  • Variable Speed Saw Angulation Control makes set-up fast and increase production
Cyber Saw
  • Double Chain Angulation holds calibration longer assuring cutting accuracy
  • Auto-Calibration Feature maintains calibration by automatically checking positions and recalibrating as needed to deliver consistent, accurate performance
  • Built-in Diagnostic Screens allow for troubleshooting and reduced downtime
  • Built-in Maintenance Screens constantly monitor saw operation, so regular maintenance can be performed on schedule and costly downtime avoided
  • UL Listed electrical panels assure compliance with all major electrical codes
  • With the Windows® based, Human/Machine Interface and colour touch screen, unimaginable power and set-up speed are at your fingertips!
  • Set-up and operation through the Windows® based touch screen interface is fast and simple! The Human/Machine Interface (HMI) provides a full colour graphical interface that’s easy to read and quick to learn. Partnered with G.E.-Fanuc™ Automation, worldwide leaders in the automation industry, MiTek developed the MMI using Cimplicity® software.
  • Using the Fully Automatic Control will provide CYBER’s optimal performance. Set-up data can be downloaded directly from your engineering or batch cut programme, so the information is always correct and the cut is always right! Average set-up time is only 15-30 seconds depending on the number of changes made.
  • Another unique CYBER feature is the Anti-Collision Programme. In the event an incorrect setting is input, the Anti-Collision Programme automatically overrides to prevent collision of any moving saw part. Saw life is greatly increased, as is safety, while downtime due to damaged parts is minimised.
  • At the core of the system is the Built-in Database which tracks all operations. Want to know the average set-up time or number of set-ups per shift? How about the total run time and number of pieces cut? The CYBER database keeps track, so you’ll benefit with improved costing data, inventory management and more! Specifications