MiTek 20/20 Panel
The MiTek 20\20 Panel program is a versatile tool used throughout the UK by wall panel maufacturers.
MiTek 20\20 Panel enables you to input the walls; define openings for windows and doors; split the walls into specified panel lengths; position the studs as required; enter lintels; position the wall sheathing and much much more.
By setting up the programs defaults to suit your requirements MiTek 20\20 Panel can do most of the work for you - selecting your preferred wall to wall stud details and corner details, for instance.
The user can switch between working in the plan view or the panel elevation view as shown in the images below.  Multiple levels can be created and these can be viewed in 3D.
Once the wall panels are complete, the elevations; cutting lists; member locations and other output can be printed.
MiTek 20\20 Panel can either be run as a fully integrated part of the MiTek 20\20 suite or as a separate program.
For more information on this program or for a free one week trial of the program, please contact us.