The MiTek MARK VII is used for connecting timber joints with connector plates to form trussed rafters. Trusses of various shapes are set together on tables. Joint plates are pressed into timber with a “Bell Crank” operated upper platen. The MARK VII is one of largest and most efficient presses on offer capable of pressing trusses up to 5.5 m high.
Control of the press is achieved by using intuitive controls including a four-way joystick.
The semi-automatic system memorises a press sequence in the teach mode and repeats the press sequence without the need of an operator, increasing efficiency and lowering direct labour costs.
One of the most important features is the “Walk-Thru” tables made exactly according to the proportion of the press. These tables make the MARK VII ergonomically safe for the operators and avoid the bending and climbing associated with many table presses. Optional ejectors allow the truss to be raised from the jig for crane or conveyor off-load.

The 1.2 m wide upper platen covers a large pressing zone and the maximum upper platen size is 5.5 x 1.2 m.  The standard table and press length is 5.0 m.

Gantry system components:-

  • Mark VII gantry vertical press
  • Specified steel tables
Technical Information
Safety class:

Operating pressure maximum:
Maximum Platen Size:
Maximum Width to suit 5.5m:
Power (max.): 
Press Weight: 
Standard colour: 
IP 54

70/100 t

5.5 m x 1.2 m

7.2 m

2,5 m

17 kW
220/440 V

11 t

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