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Construction Check List
Job No:
Yes     No
Trussed Rafters

Correct quantity, positions and orientation
Centres not greater than specified
Verticality and bow after erection within code limits
No damage or unauthorised modifications
Girders/Multiple trusses connected together in accordance with specification
Properly seated on wallplates, hangers, etc.
Bracing correct size and in correct position
Bracing connected to each truss as specified
Bracing laps extended over a minimum of 2 trusses
Bracing of truss rafter compression members are installed as specified
Valley set is correctly set out and braced as specified
Valley set is supported on bevelled bottom chord or supported on fillet
Loose Timbers

Correct sizes, position and grade
Centres not greater than specified
Birdsmouth, joints, scarfs etc., accurately and correctly made
Properly seated on wallplates, hangers, etc.
Fixings are to specification

Structural Metalwork

Truss clips, framing anchors and other vertical restraints present and fully nailed
Hangers correct to specification and fixed as specified
Gable restraint straps present and correctly fixed including pack between members

Tank Platform

Correctly positioned and constructed as specified
Loads applied to trusses as allowed for in design
Special Items
Services in position specified and do not clash with webs
Roof ventilated as specified
Trap hatch formed to specification
Sarking if applicable, is to specification
Tiles fixed are correct weight as specified in design