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Risk Assessments and Method Statements
Contractors general risk assessment for the erection and assembly of roof trusses
Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 contractors are required to undertake and record risk assessments for site specific tasks and locations of work. These Risk ssessments can be used to i) identify provision ithin tender/contract documents regarding matters
By way of an example which illustrates typical criteria for assessing the risks associated with a particular work task the following example assessment has been prepared:-
relating to Health and Safety, ii) check Health and Safety conditions on site, iii) developing safe system of work and Method Statements where required and iv) provide information on hazards to operatives/personnel at the place of work.
Project Title: Housing Estate, Anywhere
Client: J Bloggs & Co
Description of Works:
General Roof Activities
Document Reference No: RA/Gen/OJA
Date: **/**/**
Significant injuries or fatalities without controls

Persons in Danger:
Roof operatives, other operatives in the vicinity, general public as passers by
This section should typically include information relating to the design and use of the following:-
Ladders, Scaffolds, Working Platforms, Storage Areas, Edge Protection and Barriers, Lifting Equipment, Disposal of waste, PPE, Warning Notices, Checking Procedures, Adverse weather, Plant Maintenance etc.

Safety Helmets, Protective Footwear and Gloves should be worn
Additional Assessments Required?
Manual Handling (where appropriate) activities and PPE

Method Statement Required?
Yes, see method statement ref. MG/GEN/OJ
Can the Work Task be adequately controlled?
Specific Legislation and other Informative Guidance Documents:
CHSW Regs 1996: CDM Regs 1994: Manual Handling Regs 1992 etc

Information, Instruction and Training:
See Company Training Information - No operatives shall carry out any activity without proper training as noted therein

Emergency Procedures:
Display Procedure in site offices, Ensure personnel know how to raise alarm, provide Adequate First Aid Kit

Monitoring Procedures:
This shall be the responsibility of the Site Manager to organise and implement according to established procedure

Any other Items:
As appropriate