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Loose Timber Connection Details
The use of loose infill members and purlins is quite common on the more complex trussed rafter roofscapes. The nett result is an increased load imposed upon the trussed rafters, which has to be accommodated in the design and the requirement of a secure fixing of the loose timbers to the trusses.

It is important to position incoming purlins at the node points of the trusses and details 80 to 83 show practical fixing methods for variants in web arrangements at a joint.
It is necessary to manufacture trussed rafters either side of a loose infill area, with webs that align to ease the fixing.

It is also practical to manufacture trussed rafters with wider than normal webs to allow more tolerance for the fixing of the infill members, and is essential for the fixing of special girder hangers where larger size bolts are required.