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Roof and Trussed Rafter Bracing
BS.5268-3 gives some recommendations for certain specific cases of roofs; for other types of roof the bracing pattern for roof stability should be designed by a competent person. See figure 27a, 27b, 27c and 27d.
Design responsibility

Specifiers and designers should understand that Truss integrity bracing is the responsibility of the Trussed Rafter Designer who must inform the Building Designer if such bracing is required. Whereas Roof Stability bracing (and any additional specialist bracing) is the responsibility of the Building Designer (or Roof Designer if one has been appointed). The Building Designer is  responsible for detailing ALL bracing.
The Building Designer has access to information pertinent to the structure i.e. walls, and the forces being transferred from them, which the Trussed Rafter Designer cannot determine. (See also section 1.2 on Design Responsibilities).
Please refer to BS 5268-3 for further guidance on bracing of roofs for domestic situations.