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Hip End and Corners
Hipped Ends - ‘Stepdown’

The step-down hip system uses flat top hip trusses of progressively diminishing height from the ridge to the girder truss position. This system is rarely used as each truss is different to make. The number of stepdown hip trusses is determined by the need to maintain reasonable sizes for the loose ceiling joists and hip board in the hipped corner infill areas. For these reasons, the span of mono-pitch trusses is not usually greater than 3 metres in the case of regular hips, where the hip end pitch is the same as the pitch of the main roof.
Noggings must be fitted between the flat chords of the step-down
hip truss to support tiling battens. The web configuration of the various truss types shown (including the mono-pitch) are typical, but will be chosen to provide the best structural solution. Fortunately, this system is flexible in
accommodating large spans and irregular hips with unequal roof pitches and employs standard, designed truss types throughout.