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Connection Details
Raised Tie Support Clip (Glide Shoe)

This is a special application fixing that has been specifically designed to allow horizontal movement at a truss bearing without affecting the overall stability of the truss whilst continuing to provide resistance to lateral and uplift forces.

Used in trussed rafter roof construction the (medium term/long term) horizontal deflection should be restricted to a maximum of 6mm per side (truss bearing). A minimum 100mm horizontal seat cut must be made to fix the upper bearing plate. The lower bearing plate is fixed to the inner (or inner and outer) edge of the wallplate using 3.75 x 30mm square twisted sheradised nails.
The truss is temporarily secured by single nailing into the centre slots to allow lateral spread between the bearing plates after the roof structure is completed. The longer the period of construction lasts, together with the absolute stiffness of the truss configuration, the greater the lateral movement will be (up to the design limit). Finally additional nails should be inserted (3.75 c 30mm long square twisted sherardised) for stability or uplift resistance in the remaining fixing holes.