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Design Compliance

Design loadings accord with the following:-
The Building Regulations England and Wales,
The Building Regulations Scotland,
Irish Standard 193: Timber trussed rafters,
BS 6399: Part 1: Code of practice for dead and imposed loads,
BS 6399: Part 3: & amendments: Code of practice for imposed roof loads,
BS 6399: Part 2: Code of practice for wind loads.
Timber designs accord with the following:-
BS5268:-2: Structural use of timber, code of practice for permissible stress design, materials and workmanship.
BS 5268-3: Code of practice for trussed rafter roofs.

Connector plate design accord with the following:-
British Board of Agrement Certificate No: 90/2386,
WIMLAS Certificate 038/96 - MiTek M20 punched metal plate timber fasteners.