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Connector Plates
MiTek connector plates are manufactured from structural grade galvanised mild steel.

Many common types of nailplate are currently used in the UK and Eire: The 1.0mm M20, the 1.2mm B90, the 2.0mm M200 and several special plates
including field splice plates.

For full details of the use of each type of nailplate, please refer to Agrement Board Certificate 90/2386, and Wimlas Certificate 038/96.

The difference in the formation of the nails (teeth) produced by the stamping-out process for each type of plate, together with the difference in steel

thickness and width used, produces a varying set of design parameters for each type of plate. Further, a large range of available sizes for each type of plate provides the designer with a very flexible system for the design of each particular joint. 

To cater for the aggressive roof environments found in industrial or agricultural buildings, or for decorative purposes in exposed trussed situations, a reduced range of sizes with the M20 nail configuration is available in 20 gauge Stainless steel.  Please note, however, that these are likely to add considerably to the cost of the finished roof trusses.