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How to use this Manual

This manual is provided to give information about the use of trussed rafters for roof construction and is intended to be of interest to Trussed Rafter Specifiers, Trussed Rafter Designers and Contractors
using Trussed Rafters.

The manual is arranged in three sections:


Information for specifiers


Technical information

Information for site use
Trussed rafters are now used for the overwhelming majority of domestic roofs constructed in the UK and Eire, and have an exceptional performance record since their introduction to the Building and Construction Industries.

A nationwide network of Authorised Trussed Rafter Fabricators can provide a competitive, economic solution to even the most complex of your roofing needs. Using the MiTek Engineering Design System, these companies provide high quality, purpose engineered units to satisfy the need of an ever more complex market.

We are confident that this document will demonstrate the advantages to you in selection and building successfully with trussed rafters.