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What is a Trussed Rafter?

Trussed rafters or roof trusses are now specified for the majority of domestic roofs constructed in the UK and Eire. The trussed rafter is an individually designed component, engineered to provide a structural frame for the support of roof or similar structures.

Pre-fabricated from high quality, stress graded timbers and joined with steel nailplate fasteners, the trussed rafter offers:

A flexible, practical and fully engine ered solution to your roofing requirements.
Economy of materials, as trussed rafters can use up
to 40% less timber than a traditionally formed roof.
Reduced labour costs on site, due to the amount of pre-fabrications, releasing site joiners for more complex areas.

Quick erection of the roof structure enabling other trades to commence quickly.
Reduction in site waste, loss and pilferage of valuable materials.
Space saving on site, with no need for timber storage or carpentry work areas.
Competitive pricing from a nationwide network of Authorised Trussed Rafter Fabricators.

How to Specify Trussed Rafters

MiTek trussed rafters are available from a nationwide network of Authorised Fabricators. A full list of these companies is available on request from MiTek.

Please note that, unless a specific contract exists to the contrary, the Fabricators liability is limited to the design and supply of the individual trussed rafter components only. The responsibility for the design of
the roof structure as a whole lies with the Building Designer (or Roof Designer if one has been appointed). Please refer to section 1.2 on Design Responsibility. There are, however, companies within the network of Authorised Fabricators that have the necessary experience and resources to undertake design responsibility for the roof structure as a whole.

To obtain competitive quotations for the design and supply of trussed rafters, contact one or more of the authorised Fabricators. They will be pleased to assist you in assessing your requirements.
The Fabricator will require sufficient, clear information regarding the  roof structure to determine the required trussed rafter profiles, dimensions, spacings, quantities, loadings, methods of support and any special features to be taken into account; together with the requirements for timber treatment, extra items required (eg Builders metalwork), delivery date and delivery address. A check-list of the information required, together with a list of the information to be provided by the Fabricator to you, follows later in section 1.2.
Using the MiTek Design system, the required trusses will be designed for your individual application and the Fabricator will provide you with the details required to support the quotation.
If the quotation is successful, and subject to all dimensions being checked prior to the manufacture of the units, your trussed rafters will be supplied to site ready for speedy erection of the roof support structure.