Posi-Joist Attics
Imagine the benefits of an Attic Truss combined with the strength and the service benefits of a Posi-Joist. 
With the MiTek 20\20 software you can do just that - combine the two!  Roof designers all over the country are realising the benefits of this approach and specifying Posi-Joist attic trusses.
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The timber orientation is rotated so that the timber is "on edge" and the Posi-Joist forms the bottom chord of the attic truss.  In the images below you can see a typical Posi-Joist Attic construction.
Above you can see a Posi-Joist Attic Truss similar to the one in these pictures being designed in the MiTek 20\20 Engineering program.
To see some more Posi-Joist Attic Truss images click here.
For details of your nearest Posi-Joist attic manufacturer or more information on how to become a Posi-Joist attic manufacturer, please contact James Morgan or Roy Troman.