The Economics of Posi-Joist
The Posi-Joist ability to span greater distances than its timber competitors and the fact that they are fully competitive with steel and concrete beams makes it immediately obvious that they offer considerable savings in raw materials.  The open web design, gives the contractor another important advantage: it makes installation of services and utilities far simpler and quicker, reducing both labour costs and build-up time on site.
What's more, since they eliminate the need for load-bearing intermediate walls they dramatically cut overall building costs.  Quite simply, there's no more efficient or economical way to construct floors and roofs.
Flexibility in Use
Design flexibility is inherent in the concept of the Posi-Joist.  The depth, length and specification can be adjusted to produce an enormous number of different specifications, each with clearly defined performance criteria.  In addition, end details of the beam can be altered to give a variety of support conditions.
You will never come up short with the Posi-Joist "Trimmable End". 
Posi-Joist's "Trimmable End" provides field cutting flexibility!
Each end can be engineered with a 150mm trimmable solid block, allowing bearing location discrepancies to be remedied with simple on-site training.
The Trimmable End