MiTek Industries, Inc.
Last Updated: September 3, 2004
Monthly Lease = $650/month per location
The MiTek 20/20 PERFECT VISION suite of software programs is available to all MiTek connector plate customers and contains the following applications:
MiTek 20/20 PERFECT VISION - Roof and floor truss engineering program
MiTek eFrame Layout - Roof and Floor truss layout program
MiTek Job Summary - Job quotation and Job management software
MiTek CyberSort - Batch Cutting production software
MiTek JigSet - Truss setup software
MiTek Link - Communications software
MiTek Business Application
For companies who want a comprehensive and customizable plant management tool, MBA is for them. This Valuae Added module is fully integrated with the MiTek 20/20 suite of software to provide added functionality for the component manufacturer.
MiTek Virtual Plant
The MiTek Virtual Plant or MVP for short is MiTek's premeire production control solution for avery component manufacturer. Developed using the theory of constraints this software will create an efficient and seamless manufacturing process which will increase productivity and profitability as well.
Once MVP is properly setup, every item to be produced is managed by MVP will a minimal of user input. Using Microsoft Internet Explorer in the plant provides easiy to use interface as well as total data protection, ensuring maximum uptime.
Fully integrated with MiTek 20/20 PERFECT VISION, makes MVP a no-brainer for any truss manufacturing plant.

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