MiTek customer
"Woodinville Lumber/Tri-County Truss"
Extreme Makeover "HOME EDITION"
MiTek customer, Woodinville/Tri-County Truss had the distinct honor to be selected by Centex Homes to supply all the building components for this episode of Extreme Makeover "Home Edition".
The folks at Woodinville Lumber/Tri-County Truss worked closely with Centex Homes and the design team from Extreme Makeover to design, manufacturer, deliver and install floor panels, wall panels and roof trusses in an amazing 12 hours! This alone is a testimony to the labor savings value of building components.
Congratulations to Woodinville Lumber/Tri-County Truss! Your contribution to this effort is recognized and appreciated.

 This page last modified on 3/2/2006