AutoPressTM 14TL Specifications
Physical Data
  • Press head platen size:
    16’ 6-3/4” long x 30” wide,
    1-1/2” thick  steel
  • Table working surface:
    13’ 11-1/2” x 6’ 1-3/4”
  • Table top material: 3/4” steel
  • Direction of travel: Left and right
  • Platen opening: 3/4” to 5-3/4”
  • Camber on platen: 1/16” maximum down at midpoint
  • Table weight: Approx. 8,000 lb each
  • Wheels:
    8 drive wheels, 10” diameter
    8 guide wheels,  5” diameter
  • Press head weight: Approx. 18,000 lb
  • Chain drive: #80 chain
  • Hydraulic reservoir: 90 gal.
  • Hydraulic fluid: ISO 32 (customer must supply hydraulic fluid)
  • Stand-alone system or can be integrated with RoofTracker or RoofGlider® system
    • RoofTracker and RoofGlider head can travel and press on AutoPress 14TL tables
    • AutoPress 14TL head can travel on  RoofTracker and RoofGlider tables, but can press on AutoPress 14TL tables only

Performance Data

  • Minimum of 60% plate embedment, depending on plate size and lumber density (Finish Roller is required)
  • Choice of high or low pressure mode
  • Pressing capacity: Max. of 50 tons on high-pressure setting
  • Speed of travel: Up to 125 ft per minute
  • Maximum plate surface to press: (high mode),   (low mode)
  • Lumber capacity: Maximum 5-1/2” thick by 13’ 11”
  • Drive system brake motor: 10 hp
  • Hydraulic system motor: 20 hp


    • Can change pressure mode on the fly
    • Controls: Dual 4-position joysticks on 1 end of gantry
    • Can operate with multiple press heads
    • Automatic systems ensure safe operation before allowing hydraulic motor to start
      • Automatic temperature control system heats and cools hydraulic fluid temperature
      • Filter management system recognizes when filter needs to be replaced
      • Switch recognizes when hydraulic fluid is low
    • Dwell time adjustment on pressing cycle
    • Hydraulic system idle timer for automatic shutoff when not in use
    • Control display screen communicates system status and faults
    • Operator platform on press head
    • Industrial brake for rapid stopping
    Electrical Data
    • Overhead bus bar system required
    • Voltage: 208/230/460/575 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase 
    • FLA plus control amps:
      99.6/91.3/45.8/36.2 amps
    • Equipment disconnect protection: 150/125/70/60 amps
    • All electrical panels are UL Listed

    Safety Data

    • Brake monitor to monitor brake life
    • Safety-rated light bars, 6 bumpers, and 1 pushbutton for emergency stopping
    • Interlock control system for use with multiple press heads
    • Bilingual safety labels
    • Safety interlock option allows use of multiple press heads
    • Aisle covers for a continuous-top system
    • Integrates with Virtek® laser projection system
    • Table ejector options (must match existing system if integrating together):
      • Side-eject
      • Auto-eject
    Machine specifications subject to change without notice

     This page last modified on 10/15/2007